Make Your Content Work For You

Mark Thompson
3 min readFeb 26, 2024

Is Your Content Pulling Its Weight?

Photo by Johnson Wang on Unsplash

Your Content is Important

Your Content Is Your Shop Window

Your Content Is The Start Of Many Possibilities

Your Content Might Change Your Life and The Life Of the Reader

Get it?

Your content is important, every piece of you write could become the one that changes everything, so why don’t you use your content more?

Work Smarter

If you have an idea and you turn it into an article, that is only the beginning, it could be used in so many ways.

I’ve had Tweets become articles, and then Facebook posts and eventually reports or courses.

Courses have become articles, and then Tweets

Articles have become Tweets and then videos and then podcasts

As an experiment, I once took 1 small piece of content and turned it into over 100 pieces of content that I posted in as many places as possible.

Later, the process I used became a Course that did very well for me.

Take this article for example.

It’s a Tweet