Stop Being The “Guru’s” ATM

Mark Thompson
2 min readJan 9, 2024

Your Friendly Guru Doesn’t Care About You

Photo by Michael Heuser on Unsplash

Have you got a “go-to” Guru? If then here is a wake up call, he doesn’t care about you.

What he does care about is his bank balance and how he can sell you more products.

Let Me Tell You A Story

I was once having dinner with a Marketing Guru after an event I was speaking at.

During the meal he said to me, “Mark, the problem with your products are they are too simple. You can’t sell simple.”

Disclaimer: You can, (I’ve made a point of selling simple since that day!)

His approach, and it’s an approach shared by many, is to create training that is so complicated you feel confused and need to buy follow up products to get clarity.

Most Guru’s feel that they have to complicate every process, where, in fact simple is the thing that works.

The Solution

Keep everything simple and only buy products that help you achieve your own specific goals.

Your online business or side hustle consists of only 4 elements, focus on there and buy products that help you in these areas.

  • Finding Your Ideal Audience
  • Creating and Positioning Your Offer